Did you know? Americans throw away enough garbage everyday to fill 63,000 garbage trucks, which if lined up end to end for an entire year would stretch half way to the moon!?!

Who We Are

Here at The Broomsmen, we strive to be a trusted one stop shop for all your event staffing and logistic needs. We firmly believe in sustainability and waste reduction practices. We promote zero waste green events through a hands on educational based approach.

The Broomsmen was established based on direct experience in the wedding and event planning world. After years of industry experience, it was noticed how desperately a consolidated event management company of our nature was needed. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to the needs of any unique event and mold our operations to fill any service holes in your plan.

Too many venues and private event sites don’t have a plan for waste – or if they do, recycling is not considered or handled. The amount of waste a typical event produces is astonishing. After years of bringing the question up to event planners, “what is your plan for waste?” and getting the same answer “we haven’t thought of it.” A new concept was born. Here at The Broomsmen, we want to encourage the idea of reducing the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill produced by your event. We handle the containers and stylish bins that aren’t an eye sore at your special event. At the closing of the event we provide our expertise ensuring that your recyclables, compost and waste are properly managed. What about all the left overs? Don’t worry, we find new homes for non-perishable, reusable items left over after your event. We have partnered with local charities, food banks, hospitals, and nursing homes who are happy to reuse the leftovers from your event!

Thats The Broomsmen way!

Broomsmen leadership with recycling station in Drake Park Bend Oregon over-looking Mirror Pond at Crows Feet Commons
Our fearless leaders Phil & Abby.