The average wedding produces 400-600lbs of waste. Let’s change that! 

5 Steps to a planning a Green Wedding:

1) Reduce

  • Select a venue with natural decor and flowers. Try to limit the amount of single use flowers. Flowers from ceremony can again be used for  reception and even favors.
  • Cut your guest list down. Less people, less waste!
  • Use local organic food
  • Go digital for invites, save the dates, and thank you. Choose recycled paper.

2) Reuse

3) Recycle

  • Left over flowers to, nursing homes, hospitals
  • Left over food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens
  • Post your leftover items online for others
  • Use durable glass dishwater and flatware, not disposables.
  • Provide recycling bins that are properly labeled (Cans, Glass, Cardboard boxes) and hire a professional to manage this! aka Me!

4) Compost

  • Food scraps into compost bin.
  • If single use dishes and cups must be used make sure they are compostable and they get to the correct facility after the event!

5) Landfill

  • You have done steps 1-4, congratulations there is nothing left for the landfill!

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