Do I need this service?

So, you’ve planned your event down to the T. Every detail is perfectly placed and your event is flawless. You are celebrating with your friends and family into the evening… until last call. It dawns on you, you have to be cleaned up and out of your venue by midnight. Who’s going to help you clean and haul away!? Don’t panic, hire The Broomsmen!

Recycle, Reduce, Repurpose.

Here at The Broomsmen, we believe in recycling, reducing and reusing. We promote sustainability by utlizing the proper recycling management systems tailored to your event. We work directly with your venue to ensure we reduce the amount of waste that heads to the landfill.


  • Does my venue handle and haul my post event waste?
  • Is there someone specifically assigned during and after the event to properly manage waste?
  • Does my venue recycle?
  • Does my venue compost?
  • Does my venue haul away of any reusable items left over after my event? e.g. left over perishables delivered to local food bank, decor donated to local thrift stores, florals delivered to local nursing homes

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may need our service! We guarantee that we will properly dispose of all of your waste to minimize your event carbon footprint.

Did you know? The average wedding produces 400-600lbs of waste. Let’s change that!