Broomsmen Crew

Yes, that’s correct, it’s not a spelling error.. The Broomsmen! Catchy huh? The Broomsmen is a Central Oregon based business promoting green events, zero waste and handling the work your real groomsmen want no part of – setup and cleanup of your wedding. After being in the wedding business for several years and assisting with all that is involved with wedding day logistics, too often there was no plan or thought about the aftermath of a beautiful day. The thought of cleanup was an afterthought and usually a mess. Your wedding party, family members and friends shouldn’t have to be the ones to setup the venue or clean it after the party is over. Your dear ‘ol dad shouldn’t be the one hauling a truck full to the landfill. AND if you really stop and think about it, do you want a truck full going to the landfill after your wedding anyway?


With the The Broomsmen, the topic of having a green wedding is able to be easily discussed and planned with professional assistance. The topic of who is going to be setting up all your heavy lifting items such as tables, chairs, lighting and your arbor and who is going to be taking all of that down is prompted. The topic of waste, recycling and compost containers for your guests to use is discussed and considered. The Broomsmen has been the missing link in weddings and events for too long, but not anymore!
If you are planning an event, please please contact The Broomsmen to see how they can help with your day, the waste, and how they can help you reduce your event footprint! And.. they can provide parking attendants as well!

– Wedding Planner Extraordinaire Abby Elvebak of ae Creative 

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  1. B. Cool
    Jan, 5, 2017

    You guys are doing great work! Keep it up!

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