Every year the Oregon Bride Magazine hosts an award ceremony to honor the best wedding vendors in specific categories. Last year I attended my first award ceremony to cheer on Abby of ae Creative and watched as she captured her 4th “Best Of” Award. After rubbing elbows with the best of the best in the state of Oregon, I guess you can say we became “inspired” to create something new and exciting in the wedding world.  On the ride home from the awards, with the help of my girlfriend, The Broomsmen concept was born!

Just 8 months after we developed our concept we received notice that we were nominated by our peers as a finalist for “Best New Vendor” in the statewide category! For anyone who personally knows me, the last thing they would expect from me is to see me involved in the “wedding world”. Prior to The Broomsmen, my  career path was commercial construction. Well my friends, I have officially traded in the flannel shirts and chewing tobacco for formal ware and pixie dust.

When I created this business I told my brother my goal was to win the Oregon Bride “Best New Vendor” award. He told me to visualize it, focus on the prize, and “bring it” EVERY. SINGLE.DAY. We are 1 step away from our goal but the work has just begun…

There’s a moment. It happens every day. After the sun goes down, and there’s no light left. When you look yourself in the mirror, you look yourself in the eye, and you ask: ‘Could I have given more? Could I have worked harder today?’

I know they say, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Well I don’t buy that! I think if you love what you do, you’re gonna work ALL day, EVERY day, HARDER than everyone else to hold onto what you love and not lose it.  We will work everyday for our family, our employees, our community, and our clients to make damn sure that when we the lights go off and we look into the mirror, we are PROUD of who is starting back at us!

And right now, RIGHT NOW, it’s TIME to work!”

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