Lets face it, setting up, cleaning up and executing an event is a lot of work! We understand what it takes to pull off the perfect party and all the labor that goes into the decor setup and cleanup. We also know that your real groomsmen will be partying it up and might have had too many craft brews come the end of the night. That’s where The Broomsmen come in! Hire The Broomsmen to take on the tasks of your set up and clean up so your real groomsmen can enjoy the celebration and you don’t have to worry!


Have you planned your event flawlessly, but need the extra help with set up, tear down, and general clean up? The Broomsmen Sweep is perfect for you! This option includes your set up, clean up, and waste management option.

*Additional services not listed in The Sweep can be added for a reduced cost


Are you needing assistance setting up your tables and chairs? Or maybe hanging your bistro lights over the dance floor? Whatever the task, The Broomsmen are available to take care of your set up so you can relax!


Having a waste plan for your event is extremely important. Most private residences and venues do not provide waste management services or a plan for recycling. The Broomsmen specialize in zero waste recycling solutions that reduce your carbon footprint and significantly “greens” your event!


Are you short on event staff for your big day? The Broomsmen offer supplemental labor and staff to ensure your day runs smoothly! We provide servers, bussers, dish washers, maids, and any other labor position you may need in inorder to be your one stop shop for all your staffing needs.


In order to provide a personal touch to your wedding you may want to include private items not included in your vendor rental package. Personal items such as bars, furniture, lawn games, decor, etc need to get to and from the venue. We will handle the heavy lifting and safe transport of your valuables so you can enjoy them worry free!


Now for the dirty work. Your event is winding down and your guests have left a trail of destruction. Who is left (sober enough) to help with tear down and cleanup?? Never fear The Broomsmen are here! Let us break down, consolidate, clean, and return the venue to its original state so your full deposit is returned.