COVID-19 Response and Enhanced Sanitation Service

Our mission from day one has always been to Win With Waste, taking a viewed negative and making it the best we possibly can. We’ve always strived to keep any event we are at clean all while keeping a clean appearance. We’ve always believed that a clean environment is a better environment. With the presence of COVID-19, we have taken extensive steps to educate ourselves and our team with the latest CDC guidelines and implementing them with our knowledge of events.

We call Bend, Oregon home, but work throughout the state at well known venues and events. We’re committed to continuing our service and keeping events clean!

Together we can help you plan, communicate, adjust and execute.

By having a plan and hiring professionals to work along side you, you can ensure that your event will be clean, sanitized and safe for all guests. Regardless of event and size, our professional sanitation team is here to help you!