Social Impact. We believe that zero waste events and habits can have a positive impact on our communities. Working with local businesses and non-profits to maximize our efforts to clean up our public spaces allows us to do good while we win with waste.
AlibiTree member working on emptying cigarette butt cans as part of recycling anti-littering effort with the Broomsmen in Downtown Bend Oregon
Cigarette Butt Recycling

The Broomsmen street recycling team, adults with disabilities working through AbiliTree, empty cigarette butt cans around Downtown Bend every week. This keeps the butts away from animals, off the ground, and out of our waterways. The butts are made into park benches by Terracycle.

fishing line recycling
Fishing Line Removal

We’re partnering with 10 Barrel Brewing to remove fishing line from our Central Oregon waterways. Fishing line is often invisible to fish and other animals which can cause them to get tangled in or trapped by the line. Plastic doesn’t belong in our water.

pile of bags filled with cans and bottles ready for sorting and recycling
Cans 4 Kids

Most of our events involve recycling cans & bottles. Thanks to Oregon’s bottle bill we can return them for a $0.10 deposit each and donate those funds to local & international non-profits. …plus the materials are diverted from the landfill!