Handling the dirty work your groomsmen want no part of.

Lets face it, setting up, cleaning up and executing an event is a lot of work! We understand what it takes to pull off the perfect party and all the labor that goes into the setup, breakdown and cleanup. We also know that your groomsmen don’t really want to setup and come the end of the night, might have had too many craft brews. That’s where The Broomsmen come in! Hire The Broomsmen to take on the tasks of your set up, breakdown, clean up and heavy lifting so you, your wedding party, and family members can enjoy your celebration. We work directly with your wedding planner to ensure all the details are covered and can help educate how to reduce the waste produced from your wedding.

A wedding produces roughly 400-600 lbs. of waste – that’s based on a guest list of roughly 100-120 people!
Let’s changing that statistic together!


Broomsmen Sweep is our most comprehensive service. We are on your team working directly with your wedding planner to ensure all of your event logistics are handled professionally. Looking for an eco conscious wedding planner? Look no further than ae creative.


Now for the dirty work. Your event is winding down and your guests have left a trail of destruction. Who is left (sober enough) to help with tear down and cleanup?? Never fear The Broomsmen are here! Let us break down, consolidate and return the venue to its original state so your full deposit is returned.


Having a waste plan for your event is extremely important. Most private residences and venues do not provide waste management services or a plan for recycling. The Broomsmen specialize in zero waste recycling solutions that reduce your carbon footprint and significantly “greens” your event!